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1. I'm Blessed (feat. Karla Blount, Karen Mann, & Keith Johnson)

2. All My Hope Is in Jesus (feat. Dan Daniel)

3. I Speak Jesus (feat. Taylor Blackston)

4. Through the Fire (feat. Keith Johnson)

5. Speak to the Mountains (feat. Carter White)

6. Master of the Wind (feat. Karla Blount)

7. In Christ Alone

8. Heavenly Parade (feat. Dan Daniel, Keith Johnson, Terry Renfroe, & Carter White)

9. Thank You Jesus for the Blood (feat. Jerica Yates)

10. Calvary Answers for Me (feat. Terry Renfroe)

11. Belive (feat. Keith Johnson)

12. Child of Love (feat. Keith Johnson & Rachel Jordan)

Mountain View Baptist Church Vol. 1

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